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Sunday, September 4, 2011


#imagine *You knock the door and L.Mom open *
L.Mom: Hello (Your name)
You: Hello Mrs.Henderson.
L.Mom: Please, come in!
You: Logan's at home?
L.Mom: Yes, he is playing video Games with his brother.... Wait a second...
You: Sure
L.Mom scream: Loooooooogan come here!!!
Logan: ''Now i can't mom, sorry''
L.Mom: scream: But (your name) is here!!!
Logan: ''I'm going''
L.Mom: This boy really love you
You: I love he too!
Logan: Hey Baby *he kiss you*
You: Hello, what's up?
Logan: nothing... I'm playing Video Games....Want Play?
You: Sure...
Logan: Come with me!
-----In his room -----
Logan: Can you leave us alone?
His Brother: But... we are playing!
Logan: But i have something more important to do *he points to you*
His Brother: Fine! But your girlfriend have to kiss me!
You: What?
His Brother: Pleease can you make this 9 years old boy happy ?
You: FINE! * you kiss his cheek*
His Brother: Yeeeeeeeeeees!
You: Your brother scares me!
Logan: No problem *he locked the room* Now let's play
You: yeah... 
Logan: Do you like this game?
You: Which?
Logan: The game name is: Kiss Logan Henderson!
You: Mmmm, I love this game
Logan: Yeah baby? So, let's play! *he kiss you*
You: Is hot here!!! *you kiss he*
Logan: Yeah, *he take off his shirt and lay you in the bed*
You: Baby... I'm not kidding! Is hot here! *he kiss ur neck*
Logan: Yeah, is you, you are so Hot! *he take off your shirt*
You: ....... *you kiss he*
Logan: You make me CRAZY! *he got on top of you kissing your neck and his hot body is pressed tightly against yours*
*someone knocks the door*
Logan: Damn Not now!!!
L.Mom: Is me!
Logan: What Mom?
L.Mom: You guys want to eat something?
Logan: No Mom!
L.Mom: Why the door is locked?
Logan: 'cuz we want privacy!!!!
L.Mom: Fine, i leave you guys!
Logan: Thanks....
You: Your mother is cool!
Logan: Let me taste you!
You: What?
Logan: Taste you!!!
You: why you want taste me?
Logan: Because you are sweet! 
You: aaaw!
Logan: I'm not kidding! Let me taste you Please
You: Fine!   *He licks your cheek*
Logan: ...... You are sweet like .... COTTON CANDY!
You: You lick my cheek? 
Logan: yeah! 
You: ahahah, yeah you are crazy!!!
Logan: Yeah, *he kiss you and he take off your shorts*
You: Baby... What you are doing?
Logan: Make you sweat!!!
You: ......*he kiss your neck*
Logan: Baby! I'm a light!!!
You: Wha-- What?
Logan: I'm a light, can you turn me on?
You: Baby, and your mother?
Logan: Shhh, the only thing--- the only thing i want hear is you screaming!!!
You: Yeah i will scream.... *you kiss his neck*

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